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qxc Speaks: Fun and Interesting Changes to Zerg Units

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Post written by Kevin “qxc” Riley of compLexity Gaming. Why? The purpose of these gameplay changes is not to address balance. The purpose of these gameplay changes is to make the game more fun and interesting by changing fundamentally how certain units work. Balance can come later by modifying numbers. These changes reflect my own personal opinion of what would make Continue Reading...

FANG Mini Product Tour

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Introducing the FANG Mini Ultra Small Form Factor Desktop PC Working for CYBERPOWERPC, we tend to get a little jaded. We often see all sorts of new gaming hardware – from graphics cards to headphones – roll across our desks months before they are revealed to the public. The sheer volume of things we see every day makes it hard Continue Reading...

League: The Structure, Volatility, and the Aspect of Faith

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Post written by Jungroan “Jezie” Lin of compLexity.Red. Hi everyone! I’m Jezie, the toplaner for compLexity.Red. We’ve recently failed to qualify for the LCS, falling short in the playoffs finishing 5th/6th. This “blog” might be a little more formal than what readers might be used to, but it’s how I best express ideas, regrettably. Sorry mates! In writing this piece, I Continue Reading...
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