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Star Wars Battlefront Gets the Multiplayer Mode we Always Wanted

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If you’ve wanted Star Wars Battlefront to adopt a Halo-esque battle style, you’ve finally got it. First, the Halo franchise went ahead and announced an all new game mode coming to the multiplayer scene known as Warzone where gamers can participate in a 24 pvp team-deathmatch style match with all new maps. Now, revealing the alleged return of the Heroes Continue Reading...

Gangplank Rework Hitting the Rift

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Bilgewater’s most dangerous fighter will be hitting the rift today with an updated kit of tools and new visual effects to strike even more fear into his enemies’ hearts. Gangplank will be receiving a full rework in abilities allowing to make powerful impacts all throughout the game. The Pirate King has seen very little play as most summoners believe that Continue Reading...

Miss Fortune Champion Update

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Patch 5.14 has been very kind to Bilgewater’s best bounty hunter, receiving to make her a force to be reckoned with among marksman in the bottom lane. Miss Fortune’s tool kit offers a strong amount of versatility most champions don’t have access to in the bottom lane. While being able to slow her opponent by Making it Rain  and gap Continue Reading...

Arkham Knight to Get Interim Patch

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Batman has been a popular topic in the recent weeks. While console gamers have been boasting about what was the most content-rich game of the Arkham franchise, PC fans can only talk about their disappointment as to why they haven’t been able to play the game yet. After almost a full month of waiting, fans finally received some news about Continue Reading...
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