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Hai’s Retrun: Where Does C9 Stand?

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            All eyes were on Hai this weekend as he made his grand return to the North American LCS. Being an emergency sub for C9, Hai took Meteos’s place in the jungle as the team felt that Hai’s shot-calling was the key to a unified team play which C9 has previously excelled in. Due to Continue Reading...

The Last of Us 2 Confirmed?

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All gamers understand the value of a solid storyline and developed characters. These are the aspects of gaming that turn an average, good game into a masterpiece. When the community consider games with an exceptional plot and conflict, The Last of Us immediately comes to mind. As one of Sony’s best-sellers, fans across the globe anxiously await to see if Continue Reading...

Dark Souls Franchise and Minecraft Hits Milestone

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If the month of July has some magical properties attached to the gaming industry, it’s definitely rubbing off on some of the biggest names in gaming. The Dark Souls franchise totaled their overall sales selling over 8 million copies to date. Meanwhile, Minecraft sales on the PC and Mac have just passed the 20 million mark. The games that being considered Continue Reading...
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