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The Voice of the Game: On Casting in Esports

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By Cameron Gilbert, Web Content Developer for Evil Geniuses For most competitive games, the players aren’t the only draw that brings in the viewer numbers. Broadcaster talent, voices like that of Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski or David “LD” Gorman, can often have an equal or at times even greater effect on viewer numbers. A top-tier broadcast makes an otherwise unremarkable game Continue Reading...

Dwarf Units Fight in Total War: Warhammer

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In the brand new mystical land of Warhammer, we’re given giants, we’re given trolls, we’re given gryffins and now, we’re given dwarves? Don’t be too quick to judge. These shorties look like absolute behemoths on the battlefield. With their powerful swings, their hammers, axes and steel weaponry will easily demolish any unit that isn’t careful when handling these creatures. It’ll Continue Reading...

Diablo 3 New Patch Officially Launched

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Blizzard has given their fans many things to be excited for between the most recent Grand Tournament for Hearthstone players and the announcement of the final expansion for Starcraft players, Legacy of the Void. Today, the company that just keeps giving continues to give more. Diablo 3 Patch 2.3 has been announced and officially launched today and after waiting for Continue Reading...
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