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Osiris: New Dawn (Early Access) Review – Into the Outer Reaches

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Osiris: New Dawn Fenix Fire Unless you’ve been languishing under a rock for the past few years as a gamer, survival games are pretty much all the rage right now. And I get it—there’s something special that happens when game developers get the survival equation just right. Banding together with fellow survivors in a game’s digital world, gathering resources, building Continue Reading...

Dreadnought Review – Massive Ships, Tiny Arenas

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Dreadnought Yegar Development/Six Foot/Grey Box Space combat games have had a pretty long and storied past within the digital gaming realm. The first one to gain critical acclaim was the magnificent Master of Orion 2, which hit the gaming world like a hurricane way back in 1996. Although many turn-based space games have strived to live up to MOO2’s legacy, Continue Reading...

Tyranny Review – So Good to be Bad

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Tyranny Obsidian Entertainment/Paradox Interactive I’ve played a ton of computer based RPGs in my time. Well, let me preface that by saying that I’ve always been an RPG fan in general, ever since acquiring the role-playing bug through long hours spent playing pen and paper games. I made the transition over to the digital realm with the now archaic Gold Continue Reading...

Rust Review – An Addictively Challenging Gaming Experience

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Rust Facepunch Studios With the release of Rust’s most recent patch, offering such things as fully functional underground natural caverns, lighthouses, as well as new weapons and equipment, a group of my gaming brethren gathered in order to play together. Since most of my Rust buddies prefer servers with high player counts, we chose one with a population of little Continue Reading...

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Ultimate Apocalypse The Hunt Begins Mod Review – One of the Best Mods Out There

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  Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Ultimate Apocalypse The Hunt Begins Mod THQ/Sega/UA Development Team I rarely get butthurt about anything. Although I frequently get cut off in traffic, I almost always shrug it off and keep on rolling. If someone is sitting on a piece of workout equipment at the gym for ages, mouth agape while twiddling their Continue Reading...
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