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Final Fantasy XIV: A Reborn MMO

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Nothing ever goes quite right the first time around. Let’s face it, our first run at just about anything ends up with more failure than success. That’s all right. We take that experience and we grow a little from it. This applies to impressions as well, you see something and you make a judgment. You’re not getting all the information Continue Reading...

H1Z1: Just Survive (Early Access) Review – Sporadic Fun

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H1Z1: Just Survive Daybreak Studios As I mentioned in my recent review of H1Z1’s other game King of the Kill, the whole zombie/survival horror craze has been waning lately. Take Daybreak’s decision to split their new zombie franchise, H1Z1, up into two separate games on February 16th, 2016 (this is from one of their official announcement from their website): “Last Continue Reading...

Hitman Review – Dastardly Deeds Done Right

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  Hitman Square Enix I walked the game’s titular character, Agent 47, up to the yacht, where a rather larger elbow-rubber was well in full swing—each deck packed with well-dressed guests. Wearing some casual cargo pants and a light sweater-shirt, I had the scowling, bald-patted hitman approach the vessel’s gangway which was flanked by two uniformed security guards. One held Continue Reading...