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Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review – Shoring Up the Leaks

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Fallout 4: Far Harbor Bethesda Game Studio Fallout 4 was an ambitious game—it was certainly Bethesda’s grandest title to date (besides arguably Skyrim). It featured a much improved combat system, a busier world than Fallout 3 that you could easily loose weeks, if not months of your life delving into, and many gamers (including me) appreciated the nuanced characters and Continue Reading...

Red Solstice Review – Solid Squad-Based Fun

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Red Solstice Ironward We live in a society where patience is seen as “uncool” and where little emphasis is placed on taking your time and strategizing and instead simply taking action, no matter how foolish it may be under many a circumstance. Everything these days seems to be on full blast, constantly. This unfortunate facet of modern day living has Continue Reading...