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The Forest Review – An Open-World Survival Experience That Sets Itself Apart From the Pack

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The Forest Endnight Games Ltd. The gaming industry seems to be entering a golden age of survival games. Whereas the shooter genre is getting more and more realistic, with games such as Escape from Tarkov in development, survival games are likewise becoming more immersive. I’ve pretty much played every survival title out there right now. Most of the major ones Continue Reading...

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Review – Finally a Vietnam Game Dripping with Authenticity

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  Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Tripwire Interactive Our hard-bitten battalion of U.S. Marines had fought an uphill battle in order to advance, but we’d finally done it—we had pushed the Vietnamese forces all the way back to the village of Cu Chi. The Commander was busy instructing each squad in what they were to do after the big artillery salvo Continue Reading...