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Rust Review – If You Have Lots of Time, Rust Has a Place For it

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  Rust Facepunch Studios Rust recently exited Early Access. It’s one of those indie survival titles that has become synonymous with the term “toxic community.” Basically, if you mention that term and “game” people will know that you’re most likely referring to Rust. I remember booting up my first game back in 2014 and trying it out with a regular Continue Reading...

Surviving Mars Review – A Great Colony-Building Title for Space Geeks

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Surviving Mars Haemimont Games/Paradox Interactive First off, I’ve never been a huge city-builder/colony management type of gamer. I’ve always been more of a turn-based or real-time strategy guy. I like having control over a kingdom/space empire (fantasy or science fiction genres respectively) and the ability to determine my faction’s destiny against others. However, when I first saw the new space Continue Reading...