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Hunt Showdown Review – A Mish-mash of Genres Done Right

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Hunt Showdown Crytek Sometimes, game developers still actually take risks. Back in the day, you had a much larger market for edgy, risqué games, or titles that featured highly original content or gameplay. But throughout the years, much like the film industry, things have become increasingly divided into two camps. For instance, you have lots and lots of triple A Continue Reading...

They Are Billions (V 0.9 Update) Review – Something Big Has Arrived

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They Are Billions Numantian Games I’ve played dozens and dozens of real-time strategy titles throughout the years, everything from cyberpunk games like Satellite Reign, to old classics such as the entire Age of Empires series. But throughout all of my gaming life, I’ve noticed that strategy games, in general, seem to stick to the same clichés over and over. In Continue Reading...