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Stellaris: Federations Review

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  Stellaris: Federations Paradox Interactive Stellaris debuted back in 2016 and quickly garnered a rabid fan base that regarded it as arguably the most complete 4X space game ever. However, once Paradox Interactive began rolling out DLC for the base game, people realized just how much more room the game could grow. While Paradox’s other grand strategy games usually shipped Continue Reading...

Steel Division 2 – The Fate of Finland Review

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Steel Division 2 – The Fate of Finland Eugen Systems World War 2 strategy games have been a very hot commodity for decades now and we, as gamers, have been spoiled with many titles. Perhaps one of the best known is the Company of Heroes franchise, which couples aggressive point-capture gameplay with furious real-time strategy combat. Eugen Systems made a Continue Reading...

Panzer Corps 2 Review

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Panzer Corps 2 Flashback Games / Slitherine If you’ve read my reviews before, you’d know that I’m a big World War 2 gaming fan. While it’s always nice to get down and dirty with first-person shooters such as the excellent Post Scriptum and equally outstanding Hell Let Loose, there’s just something totally epic about controlling entire armies and pitting them Continue Reading...