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Predator: Hunting Grounds Review

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Predator: Hunting Grounds Illfonic / Sony Interactive Entertainment Asymmetrical shooters have been gaining steam (no pun intended) over the last several years. The ubiquitous title, Dead by Daylight, has paved the way since its debut back in 2016, inspiring many more developers to create their own games within that ever-growing sphere. So, when developer Illfonic began working on their asymmetrical shooter titled Continue Reading...

XCOM: Chimera Squad Review

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XCOM: Chimera Squad Firaxis Games / 2K Games The XCOM franchise is legendary among gamers and even known by some non-gamers. Its brilliant blend of tactical isometric combat, coupled with strategic elements where you build up your alien-hunters’ secret base, is truly addictive. It’s so great that there have been many games that have tried to duplicate its mechanics, but Continue Reading...