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Devour Review

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Devour Joe Fender and Luke Fanning Asymmetric, multiplayer survival horror games have long been lurking in the dark (pun intended), with the exception being Dead by Daylight. More recently, the PC gaming world was taken by storm by a highly impressive indie title called Phasmophobia, where up to four players attempt to track down one of many AI-controlled evil spirits. Continue Reading...

Imperator: Rome – Heirs of Alexander Content Pack

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mperator: Rome – Heirs of Alexander Content Pack Paradox Interactive Any PC strategy gamer worth his digital salt knows of Paradox Interactive’s grand line of grand strategy titles—Stellaris; Hearts of Iron IV; Europa Universalis—to name their most prestigious. Then the studio decided to take a major step into the distant past by developing their classic era title: Imperator: Rome. Unfortunately, Continue Reading...