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Onwards and Outwards: The future of League of Legends

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By Cameron Gilbert, Web Content Developer for Evil Geniuses Since it all started more than five seasons ago, League of Legends has grown every year at an explosive pace and has shattered its own viewership records time and time again. The North American LCS boasts a consistent weekly viewership of nearly 300,000 simultaneous fans, a regular season match between rivals Continue Reading...

Countdown to a K.O.: Street Fighter V Gears Up For Launch

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By Michael Migliacio, Web Content Developer for Evil Geniuses The world of fighting game eSports is about to change. In two weeks, the professional playing field resets as Street Fighter V hits shelves for PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. In the road up to the February 16th launch, previously tight-lipped Capcom has opened the floodgates, revealing to the fighting game Continue Reading...

The Dawn of a New Era: Street Fighter V

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By Michael Migliacio, Web Content Developer for Evil Geniuses As the curtain closes on the 2015 Capcom Cup, the sun has finally set on the era of Street Fighter IV. It’s been an incredible run. Ever since its introduction on the competitive stage six years ago, Street Fighter IV has continued to evolve — transforming a series kept alive by Continue Reading...

CP Gaming Guides with Illaoi: The Kracken Priestess

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By Devon Morrison, Web Content Developer for Evil Geniuses Illaoi is the newest champion to be released in League of Legends. In the League of Legends lore, Illaoi is a stalwart island priestess of an old religion who roams the land testing souls she deems worthy. Instead of traditional weapons, she summons her god, Nagakabouros the Kracken, through a mystical Continue Reading...