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Alliance of the Sacred Suns Demo Debuts

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Alliance of the Sacred SunsKatHawk Studios / Hooded Horse While Stellaris has been my go-to science-fiction strategy fix for the past several years, I recently came across another game within the genre that looks extremely intriguing, called Alliance of the Sacred Suns. Just reading its Steam page would make any true sci-fi nerd want to play it: “Alliance of the Continue Reading...

Necromunda: Hired Gun Review

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Necromunda: Hired GunStreum On Studio / Focus Home Interactive Back in the day, I used to play very fast-paced area shooters such as in the Quake and Unreal Tournament series. Then I graduated to more tactically paced games such as the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon titles (back when Ghost Recon was actually good). I guess the fast-twitch Continue Reading...

First Class Trouble Preview

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First Class Trouble Invisible Walls I never really paid much attention to the social deduction genre of video games. The concept of them, where you are thrown together with a bunch of other players and have to deduce who among you is a monster/traitor/alien, is an interesting one. However, the ones that I’ve played, such as the free-to-play effort, Deceit, Continue Reading...

Black Legend Review

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Black Legend Warcave March of 2021 just hasn’t been a great month in terms of game releases. With the exception of a few exceptional titles such as Forza Horizon 4 (Steam Edition) and a couple of DLC, like Northern Lords for Crusader Kings 3, everything else has been pretty “meh.” When I first heard about Warcave’s Black Legend, it immediately Continue Reading...

Devour Review

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Devour Joe Fender and Luke Fanning Asymmetric, multiplayer survival horror games have long been lurking in the dark (pun intended), with the exception being Dead by Daylight. More recently, the PC gaming world was taken by storm by a highly impressive indie title called Phasmophobia, where up to four players attempt to track down one of many AI-controlled evil spirits. Continue Reading...

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