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White Noise 2 Review – A Good Little Horror Romp

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White Noise 2 Milkstone Studios Throughout my gaming life, I’ve often wondered why game developers have mainly concentrated on single player survival horror experiences instead of multiplayer ones. I thought of how cool it would be if you had a small group of players who play as the protagonists and a single player who plays as a big bad scary Continue Reading...

Conan Exiles Review – Call it a Comback

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Conan Exiles Funcom When Funcom officially entered Conan Exiles into Early Access over a year ago, I was super-excited to try it out. As a big fan of the original novels by Robert E. Howard as well as a Conan comic book nerd, I had high hopes for what the game could possibly turn out to be. Unfortunately, the actual Continue Reading...

Empyrion – Galactic Survival Alpha 8.0 Review – Giant Planets Are in, And They’re Exciting

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Empyrion – Galactic Survival Eleon Game Studios I’ve been playing Empyrion – Galactic Survival for a couple of years now, and no other game has really come close to the total sense of freedom that it delivers. Ever since I was a kid reading science fiction books (the geeky, hard sf kind), I’d always fantasized about a video game that Continue Reading...

Desolate Review – An Original and Atmospheric New Horror Experience

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Desolate (Early Access) HypeTrain Digital I’d been checking out HypeTrain Digital’s new survival horror game, Desolate, ever since it hit Early Access on Steam a mere two months ago. I thought it looked interesting but a little too rough around the edges. The vast majority of EA games seem to be extended play-testing projects where the developers can still make Continue Reading...

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