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Raiding in Famfrit – Server Progression

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(Photo Credit to Jessica Cornelius) Amidst numerous servers of “try hards” and long time players lies Famfrit, a more casual area with a dense population. There are however, many players who still challenge the progression content despite the more laid-back community. As the game slowly takes away more and more incentive to tackle the raid system other than for bragging Continue Reading...

Palace of the Dead Review – Final Fantasy XIV

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Patch 3.35 introduces the “Deep Dungeon” and some minor PVP changes (which I won’t cover). This new dungeon is directed towards casual and lower level players, but players of all skill levels can enjoy it. While not as challenging as later dungeons, the instance gives decent rewards and can be used to level different classes quickly while getting a few Continue Reading...

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 3.3 Review

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Final Fantasy XIV’s newest patch is out and it’s time to give it a look! While the previous patch was focused more on the hardcore players, patch 3.3 introduces new content for newer or more casual players as well as some quality of life changes based on feedback from the community. Removing several tedious and frustrating little things throughout the Continue Reading...

Final Fantasy XIV: A Reborn MMO

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Nothing ever goes quite right the first time around. Let’s face it, our first run at just about anything ends up with more failure than success. That’s all right. We take that experience and we grow a little from it. This applies to impressions as well, you see something and you make a judgment. You’re not getting all the information Continue Reading...

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