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LoLTalk: Season 4 Tank Meta

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Post written by sponsored streamer/YouTuber TiensiNoAkuma. Check out his channel and stream here and here! With the new season finally up and running we’ve seen a ton of adaptations made to the champion meta. Champions that haven’t been seen in a while have come out of the woodwork, specifically those who bring tanky stats and high damage stats. Currently the Continue Reading...

qxc Speaks: Order of Expansions

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Post written by Kevin “qxc” Riley of compLexity Gaming. Featured image sourced from Liquipedia. On many of the older maps, the order of expansions was relatively easy/obvious. From the most recent and current ladder pool Daedalus Point, Alterzim Stronghold, Star Station stand out as some of the maps that it was most obvious in how you should be expanding at least up Continue Reading...

Team Coast and NA LCS Season 4 Week 1

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The 2014 North American LCS started this past Friday, and our very own Team Coast competed for their third consecutive season! The first week of LCS is a super week and consists of each of the eight teams playing four games over three days, but after dominating Challenger League over the off-season and swapping out DontMashMe for WizFujiiN, Team Coast was ready to prove Continue Reading...

qxc Speaks: Thoughts on Patch 2.1 and Arcade

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Post written by Kevin “qxc” Riley of compLexity Gaming. Patch 2.1 was released recently bringing a whole slew of new functionality and features to battle.net. The first set of changes are directed toward clans and groups to make the whole battle.net experience more social and customizable. Leaders of groups and clans will be able to set up events on a given date/time with a Continue Reading...

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