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Jaedong: Traveling Europe

The Tyrant talks about his experiences traveling Europe and playing in tournaments at the end of 2013.

The Importance of Watching Replays

Suppy of Team EG’s StarCraft II squad discusses how watching replays can help you identify mistakes and improve as a player.

QXC – The Select Army Hotkey

coL.QXC talks about a small yet significant feature of StarCraft 2: the Select Army hotkey.

Legacy of the Void Wish List

iNcontroL from Evil Geniuses discusses what he would like to see from Blizzard in the upcoming StarCraft II expansion, Legacy of the Void.

No Johns?

Evil Geniuses’ PPMD discusses the downsides of the popular Smash phrase, “no johns”.

coL.QXC Vlog: The Cost of Scouting

Scouting is important in StarCraft 2 – but it can come with a cost. coL.QXC talks about how to scout, when to scout, and the consequences of scouting in different scenarios.