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qxc Speaks: IEM Cologne and Training

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Post written by Kevin “qxc” Riley of compLexity Gaming. IEM Cologne is fast approaching and will be my first major international tournament of 2014. In 2013 I attended a multitude of events including multiple IEM’s and a homestory cup, but did not place particularly well. While showing good games in qualifiers I wasn’t able to stand against the Koreans that I  inevitably faced in group Continue Reading...

n0thing’s ESEA Season 15 Finals Recap

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Post written by Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert of compLexity Gaming. Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert here, just wanted to talk to the coL fans a bit about our experience at the recent ESEA Season 15 LAN Finals.  It was a pretty quick weekend – we got in Thursday evening and left Monday morning – and it all seems to happen in about 10 hours Continue Reading...

Team Coast and NA LCS Season 4 Week 1

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The 2014 North American LCS started this past Friday, and our very own Team Coast competed for their third consecutive season! The first week of LCS is a super week and consists of each of the eight teams playing four games over three days, but after dominating Challenger League over the off-season and swapping out DontMashMe for WizFujiiN, Team Coast was ready to prove Continue Reading...