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Diablo 3 New Patch Officially Launched

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Blizzard has given their fans many things to be excited for between the most recent Grand Tournament for Hearthstone players and the announcement of the final expansion for Starcraft players, Legacy of the Void. Today, the company that just keeps giving continues to give more. Diablo 3 Patch 2.3 has been announced and officially launched today and after waiting for Continue Reading...

DOTA Majors Coming to Europe This Fall

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The International 5 comes to a conclusion, but paves way for some more exciting Pro Dota news. Valve has announced that The Majors will start taking place next season with the first coming to Europe in fall of 2015. The Majors were initially announced early April of this year after Valve proclaimed large interest to invest in their Pro DOTA Continue Reading...

NA LCS Finals Recap

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A tale as old as time: CLG vs TSM. The two oldest teams of the NA LCS have finally had the showdown they were looking for and nothing is more fitting than a match for the NA Championship title. Keeping that title for the last two seasons, TSM climbed from the fifth seed for a well-deserved shot in the finals Continue Reading...