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American Truck Simulator – Colorado Review

American Truck Simulator – Colorado
SCS Software

My only experience with the beautiful state of Colorado was taking a train through there years ago. I got to stop off at a few places and take in the breathtaking landscape of the place—the crisp air, patchy snow, dense fir and pine trees, and clear blue skies. Being a state where virtually half of the landscape is made up of the Rocky Mountains, the roads were also very windy.

Colorado was the 38th state to be added to the Union, 100 years after the birth of the United States. Although people usually associate it with its famous mountainous environs, it is also widely noted for its forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and desert lands. Yes, I wrote deserts—after all, the southwestern tip of its border touches Arizona.

American Truck Simulator teases a Colorado expansion | Rock Paper Shotgun

Every time SCS Software adds yet another state to American Truck Simulator, I marvel at the results, and get compelled to delve into its history and topography—this truly is a magnificently gorgeous country. But they may have outdone themselves (once again) with their representation of the Centennial State.

As you drive your big semi around delivering payloads, you’ll see such things as Colorado’s fabulous skiing locales, museums, snowy little tucked-away towns, and of course, the highest stadium in the United States. SCS Software has always been very meticulous in their digital representations of the North American states and the American Truck Simulator – Colorado DLC is no exception.

American Truck Simulator - Colorado on Steam

As a general comment, what’s also great about the American Truck Simulator is that SCS Software is an extremely responsive game developer. For instance, if any major roads or landmarks are missing from a state, people will write on their forums, and whatever’s missing always gets added in later. Some cities even get total reworks and additions so the game always gives you something to revisit, if you don’t play it religiously.

Oh, and did I mention the free Truckersmp mod? With it, you can go online and cruise throughout the entire Western United States with friends (or seduce new ones into playing more with you). American Truck Simulator is enjoyable with all forms of input, including mouse and keyboard, controller, and it’s especially enjoyable with a full-on wheel setup. Geeez, I sound like I’m advertising for American Truck Simulator!

But back to the DLC, with American Truck Simulator – Colorado, you’ll be able to:

  • Forget about the real world in the vastness of the Great Plains


  • Roam through the Rocky Mountains


  • Haul cargo on the Million Dollar Highway


  • Discover Colorado’s important industries like agriculture and mining


  • Deliver freight to and from the inside of a large cargo aircraft in Denver’s International Airport


  • Admire the accurate representations of cities like Denver and Colorado Springs


  • Visit landmarks like the Four Corners Monument and get a bird’s-eye view of it with the new viewpoint feature


  • Unlock Colorado-specific Steam achievements

American Truck Simulator - Colorado on Steam

In the end, the American Truck Simulator – Colorado DLC contains the same level of superior quality that we’ve seen with previous DLCs. However, due to Colorado’s vastly varying topography, this one might be the best looking yet. Not only has it got some truly stunning landscapes but the attention to detail on display here is unparalleled. Get it!


RATING: 8.1/10

American Truck Simulator has some pretty amazing graphics that make its driving gameplay truly shine. However, you want to have a pretty beefy gaming PC or gaming laptop in order to play it at a decent framerate. So, you may just want to invest in a decent gaming rig:

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