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Dark Souls Franchise and Minecraft Hits Milestone

If the month of July has some magical properties attached to the gaming industry, it’s definitely rubbing off on some of the biggest names in gaming. The Dark Souls franchise totaled their overall sales selling over 8 million copies to date. Meanwhile, Minecraft sales on the PC and Mac have just passed the 20 million mark.

The games that being considered apart of the Dark Souls franchise, and were counted in the overall total, include Dark Souls, with the Artorias of the Abyss expansion, Dark Souls II, including the remastered release, Scholar of the First Sin. Dark Souls and the Artorias of the Abyss sales have sold over 5 million copies, while Dark Souls II stand at just under 2 million copies and Scholar of the First Sin have sold 530,000 on the PS4 and Xbox One, but boasts over 3.25 million copies sold on the PC.


Minecraft, on the other hand, counted 10,430 people purchasing the game within the last 24 hours to reach their record high sale, according to the official Minecraft website. Back in June of 2014, Minecraft had a commendable amount of sales with a number of 54 million cumulatively across all platforms and since then, it has come a very long way. This milestone comes right before Minecon, which will take place in London during the July 4th weekend.

July magic is in the air and while we can only wait and see how much further these games progress (I’m looking at you Dark Souls III), this appears to be a promising start to the summer. For all things Minecraft and Dark Souls, continue to keep up with



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