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Steel Division 2 – The Fate of Finland Review

Steel Division 2 – The Fate of Finland
Eugen Systems

World War 2 strategy games have been a very hot commodity for decades now and we, as gamers, have been spoiled with many titles. Perhaps one of the best known is the Company of Heroes franchise, which couples aggressive point-capture gameplay with furious real-time strategy combat.

Eugen Systems made a name for themselves by offering a new spin on that tried-and-true formula. They took the same visceral real-time strategy battles but then allowed for grander scale battlefields with their popular Wargame series, which featured contemporary military forces. They further perfected their grand-scale take on real-time strategy with the Steel Division series, which is set during World War 2. Steel Division 2 is their crowning achievement, thus far, and is quite the World War 2 lover’s dream come true.

The Fate of Finland is the second DLC for Steel Division 2. It switches up the setting so that instead of being based on the Eastern Front of World War 2, the focus is on the frigid northern portion of the war during 1944. You can either take command of the powerful Soviet Leningrad Front forces or the motley, hard-pressed Finnish defenders— Nazi Germany’s Nordic ally. The fighting mainly takes place across the critically important Karelian Isthmus region.

The Fate of Finland DLC brings a whole new slew of fun content to the table, including 6 new, highly unique divisions, 200-plus new unit types, new Aces and Historical Battles, and a sprawling new Army General, turn-based strategic campaign centered on the Soviet Offensive to destroy the stalwart but outnumbered Finnish forces, whom they have surrounded.

A quick rundown of the new features are as follows:

  • You command dozens of battalions and units in the new massive turn-based Army General strategic campaign, and will determine the fate of Finland!


  • You’ll be able to customize your own battlegroup with the six new Divisions, including two very unique Finnish divisions; the Panssaridivisioona and the Ryhmä Raappana (as well as the German reinforcements— the 122. Infanterie-Division). On the Soviet side, you can command the 126-y L. Gornostrelkovy Korpus, the Podv. Gruppa Vyborg, and the 358-ya Strelkovy Div.
  • Take control of 200+ new units, which have been meticulously researched by Eurgen and recreated for the game. On the ground you have such units as the BT-42 assault gun, the multi-turreted T-28 tank, the Finnish T-26E, the fast BT-7, and the state-of-the-art ISU-122S. In the skies, you have new warplanes such as the Polikarpov I-153 biplane, the lend-lease P-40 Kittyhawk, the Italian-made Fiat G.50 or the Finnish-designed VL Myrsky.

Needless to say, Eugen has never skimped on offering new content with any of their games, and Steel Division 2 – The Fate of Finland is no exception. Try it out for yourselves.


SCORE: 84%

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