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Street Fighter V Reveals Vega

The Spanish Ninja, Vega, will be marking his return for Street Fighter V.

First appearing in Street Fighter II, Vega has been a recurring character to the cast. In this game, he’ll be given a few new presents, according to the PS Blog, which confirmed he’ll be returning with a “brand new look and new tricks up his frilly sleeves.”

Capcom explains that Vega will have two different fighting styles: Claw and No Claw. The claw allows players to utilize the familiar Vega, with sharp combos and sleek attacks while no claw will provide players with access to versatile grapples and new attack properties. Players will need to learn to toggle between the two forms in their brawls to execute Vega’s combos and unlock his true potential.

Vega’s aesthetics were also changed as his topless in-game sprite is no more. Instead, he’s given a more traditional Spanish matador outfit with a baggy white torero, still capturing his definition of beauty (I think?).

Vega will be the 9th player added to the cast of 16 characters leaving only 7 more left for Capcom to reveal. To learn more about the Street Fighter V and future character reveals, keep up with

From IGN.

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