EVGA 15th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

EVGA is having a pretty amazing giveaway by way of scavenger hunt in celebration of their 15th anniversary. Here is an incomplete list of the booty:

$2900 Gaming PC from CYBERPOWERPC
$1000 EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN Black
$750 EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti
$700 SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD 960GB
$550 Monoprice 4K Monitor
$530 EVGA GeForce GTX 780 SC
$490 Intel SSD 730
$460 Monoprice 27″ IPS-Glass Panel Pro Display
$450 Corsair AX500i Digital ATX Power Supply (x2)
$390 SanDisk Extreme PRO SSD 480GB
$380 EVGA Z97 Classified Motherboard
…among over 100 other prizes.

This is some pretty serious loot. To participate in the scavenger hunt and for a chance to win some of these prizes, proceed to the contest website at: