Bubbadub Talks: Out of Game Stress

By Royce “Bubbadub” Newcomb of Complexity Gaming

Everybody knows that mechanics and game sense are needed to play League of Legends, but few talk about all that goes on outside the game, between team members and teams. I won’t make my team an example, because every team is different, but I thought I’d share what is required to be a pro-gamer on the LCS stage, and the sacrifices that need to be made.

There are two general structures to LCS teams, they have a gaming house or they have an office space and apartments. Most teams in NA cannot afford to have an office space and apartment setup, so I’ll be talking mostly about the gaming house. It isn’t easy to live with an entire team of people that you don’t really know outside of League of Legends, and most would understand that. The pro LCS player is required to live with these players and share working space, bathroom space, eating space and most even share rooms to cut expenses.

Sharing rooms doesn’t sound bad, but remember this is a competitive environment where each day everyone shows up to play League of Legends competitively, and feelings can be like a roller coaster if you are not patient or understanding. Tempers flare when results aren’t showing, and it can get toxic. Even with staff there to try to help, the problems won’t go away without hard work and determination. To help you guys understand: how many times have you lost control of your emotions during a solo queue game, or even a friend you have played with? Now imagine that is a teammate you live with, and you need to go directly into the next game or series in order to get better at the game.

The last thing I wanted to touch on is the necessity for good stress management. In a competitive environment, you aren’t always going to win. You need the know how to stay calm under pressure, and play out the games to the best of your ability until the victory screen pops up. Stress affects different people in different ways; I can have trouble sleeping and my mind races for hours while I lay in bed. It’s important to show up feeling your best on game day, so being able to put problems aside until later is a necessity to perform well.

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