coL.Beef Blog: compLexity Making The LCS

Those few hours of waiting went by pretty fast, and about when EG went up 2-1 the girls were unceremoniously kicked out of the room, as it was time to talk strategy. Obviously, homework had been done, as each player had their own dossier – for lack of a better term – with the Coast logo on it. They knew how important this match was, and so there was certainly no lack of preparation. Picks, bans, secret strategies- it was all hashed out over the next hour or so, but before we knew it there was a knock on the door as players started getting called over for makeup. Within minutes EG looked to have a substantial lead in game four and after a booming “coL-on-three” chant we moved backstage.

By the time we made the thirty second walk the game was over. It was rather solemn as we walked behind the stage. The elated victors in blue and white t-shirts, and the somber boys in white and blue hoodies. Altec especially looked rather down as they walked past us, having just seen their dreams end in an instant. It all started to hit me a bit, right then and there- For these five guys, their hopes, dreams, and aspirations as professional players most likely lived or died on this next match. It’s something really heavy to think about, even for the most seasoned eSports veterans.

I headed down to the crowd with the coL.LoL ladies, and grabbed an open seat on the right side in front of the team, just a couple rows back. The crowd wasn’t particularly full that day, but I’d say there were still 100-150 people there ready to watch Coast fight for their LCS spot. It was definitely not the largest audience I’d ever been in, but they were passionate enough to make up for it.

I’m not going to talk a ton about the actual games because there are VODs for those, but I’m still of course going to mention the things that stuck out to me.

As I watched the draft I saw that picks and bans were going pretty much according to what was planned, and then I saw Renekton get picked up for Westrice. Once again, I’m not a huge League player, but damn do I love playing Renekton top. Some of that is due to the guides that Westrice has made for the champ, but a lot of it is because he is just too much fun. Unfortunately for Westrice he had some very stiff competition in ZionSpartan’s Lee Sin up in the top lane.

During game one the crowd was pretty damned fickle, swaying back and forth with each kill on Westrice, or big play from pr0lly or Robert. The one time it wasn’t was at 50+ minutes in when Corky went around for the flank on bottom lane, trying to pick off the pesky split-pushing Lee Sin. The combo of Westrice and ROBERTxLEE was too much for ZionSpartan, and at the same time BrokenShard stole Baron, and pr0lly got another kill. Chants of “CLB” were whipping the crowd into a frenzy as five coL players with Baron buff marched up the middle lane, and took down the Nexus. 1-0 coL.Black.