coL.Beef Blog: compLexity Making The LCS

After being pretty sure we had lost game one I was on the stage in an instant, slapping backs and all smiles, but the team had marching orders. Win or lose, we’re back in the team room immediately to talk about the next game. Three cameras followed us backstage, and the team talked a tiny bit about what went right or wrong, but mostly about the next game. Bans, picks, and early strategies were the topic of conversation, and the team had to be kept on track, as we only had five minutes between games. That 300 seconds flew by in an instant, and soon enough there was the all too familiar “knock knock” at the door. The team kept talking strategy all the way to the stage, even as Coast was right behind them. I was in the back of the line and I walked just a tiny bit (a lot of bit) slower to try to put some distance between strategy and unwanted ears.

The team was confident going into game two, and I think they got a whole lot more confident when pr0lly was able to grab Ziggs. I had heard a lot about Ziggs; I couldn’t recall any firsthand experience, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out why they were so excited about the mid lane. I asked the girls what the “bouncing bomb” thing Ziggs did was called, and they weren’t sure, so I started yelling out “pr0lly BOMB” as champions fell to the explosions (I later found out from pr0lly that those are actually called Bouncing Bomb – who knew?). With BrokenShard on Lee Sin, and Robert on Caitlyn there was near no stopping us in game two.

The one thing that scared me a bit was when there was a pause from us in the middle of the game. BrokenShard was clearly experiencing some medical issues, but they wouldn’t let me on stage. I found out later that he was just feeling really faint, but a quick snack and something to drink got him in good enough shape to finish on his crushing game of Lee Sin. From minute one to minute 40 I could only describe this one as surgical; coL had the lead the entire time, and Coast looked absolutely demoralized. 2-0 coL.Black.

As the Nexus went down the team did not jump out of their chairs screaming, as they did in game one. The reality had set in that they were in control, and on the verge of a pretty large upset. The only celebration was BrokenShard standing up from his chair, and giving a camera “one more, one more.” The team went back once more to talk strategy, figuring out the game plan for what could be a 3-0 sweep. More cameras, another chant, and knock knock.

As I sat down in the stands once again I could hear the commentators talking about the team going five heal; certainly a strategy I wasn’t familiar with, but I figured the team would be. Familiar or not, the game pretty started to quickly lean heavily in favor of Coast. The crowd had been largely silent throughout game two, but as kills happened and turrets were taken down, the Coast crowd started to roar. With an amazing lineup for push and teamfight the Coast squad just rolled over us in game three, and just shy of thirty minutes into the game our Nexus was dead. 2-1 coL.Black.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not played or watched hundreds and hundreds of hours of League, like I have with some other eSports, but game four was the best game I’ve ever watched. Maybe it’s because I was heavily invested to the match, maybe it’s because the crowd around me was electric. Or maybe it’s because the match really was fantastic. It doesn’t matter to me, for those 45 minutes I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. 3-1 coL.Black.

If you didn’t watch this match, you need to. That’s all I’m going to say about it. It all comes down to a baserace as ZionSpartan falls, and coL jumps out of their chairs one more time. I was on the stage pretty quick, congratulating the squad, and just breathing it all in. In my time with compLexity, that was the most important match I’ve ever been present for. What a win.

The squad gathered up, hands in, one more time: coL-on-three. This time it wasn’t about the opposition. It was about these five men in black and red, chasing a dream, and finding out what eSports is all about. Brokenshard and pr0lly were dragged backstage, Westrice and Robert were signing autographs and taking pictures, and Bubbadub walked down to hug his wife, as she said “I am so, so very proud of you.” Nerd chills.

That’s what eSports is all about. Living the dream, sharing your passion with people that you love and people that you’ve never even met before. They might be from across the world, speak a different language, or play a different game, but we all get it. The love of gaming, competition, and community.

For coL.LoL, this is just the beginning of something great. Their journey into the NA LCS began with a long trip through the challenger league, but they’ve paid their dues with a 3-1 victory, and now it’s time to join the ranks of the big boys.

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