coL.Dog Guide: Xolphor’s Rogue Deck

Druid: One of my favorite matchups because if you anticipate their turns you can deal with all of their units very very easily. You are favored if they are not running Spectral Knights or have a crazy start with double Innervate or Wild Growth. *note if they run shade the matchup gets harder

Druid Mulligan: Backstab / SI / Farseer / Violet teacher / deadly (if backstab)

Druid Rant: It’s hard to describe everything I mean by anticipating what they will play in such a short paragraph. Basically the druid usually has an order to their line up play, and if you set everything up you can deal with their units. The Druid line of play varies with what type of deck they are running but can still be anticipated

Mana crystal 2- Wild Growth or Innervate Yeti or Hero Power
Mana crystal 3 – Innervate Druid of Claw or Shade (can’t play around shade, i would anticipate Innervate Druid of the Claw if they didn’t Innervate/WG a Yeti)
Mana crystal 4 – Yeti/Teacher/Sen’Jin (all have 5 hp*)
mana crystal 5 – Druid of Claw/Loatheb/Innervate Ancient of Lore
Mana crystal 6 – Druid of Claw/Sylvanas/Cairne(who plays that anymore)
Mana crystal 7 – Lore/Dr. Boom

So if you anticipate the plays you can save your cards and plan around dealing with these threats.It’s hard to explain, and I’ll have to go through it some other time. Just try not to take too much damage in this matchup, Belchers are really hard for druids to deal with so if you get in combo range just drop one of those. Druids have an issue with clearing the board and expanding so getting board as quickly as possible against Druids is important.

*Shiv Eviscerate kills 5 HP creatures
*Backstab / SI / Dagger hit does as well

Card Replacements

Farseer – You can probably cut 1 to add in another BGH or Healbot if needed (don’t think Healbot will help you anymore against some matchups though, a 3 drop is important)

Geomancer – MVP for dealing with Zoo/other aggro decks (helps against Handlock aswell) can be replaced for another BGH/Sabotage or another threat

Sprint – 2 may be overkill, I just think 2 is necessary for consistency (if sprint is the last card in your deck it kind of sucks so 2 is more consistent)

** I did not make this deck, all credit to Xolpher

*****Don’t be afraid to use preps just to get a bit of board against aggro matchups.

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