DeMusliM: My Recent Happenings

By Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker of Evil Geniuses

Hey guys,

Currently I’m in England! I’ve traveled a lot in my pro gaming life, especially over the last 4 years on EG. I’ve lived in Germany, America for a few years and lastly Sweden. If there’s something I never took advantage of thoroughly, it’s the ability to play games from practically anywhere I can, but also to enjoy my surroundings doing it.

I just competed in Gfinity where I surprised a little by beating Stardust, the reigning WCS EU champ. I didn’t expect it and I’m pretty sure no one else did – I spent the day walking round the event, meeting friends and fans while completely avoiding the practice room practically the whole day. When it came to the time of my match, Stardust and I were both backstage waiting to head out and set up when Marc from Blizzard came over and asked who would win. I responded “Him” as Stardust confidently said “Me” in which Marc laughed at the fact I was so easily saying Stardust was going to take it. The match took place, and there’s nothing better than winning on home soil. The crowd went nuts and I felt so happy, happier than I’ve felt in a long time playing StarCraft. Losing is obviously painful, but after a while when winning becomes more of a relief that you didn’t lose rather than a truly glorious moment it gets a little tough to motivate yourself to keep carrying on.

Realizing I was going through a little mental slump – I decided to stay in England visiting my family and just relaxing from StarCraft. However, that didn’t last long – I got a little without StarCraft in my life and managed to climb somewhere into the top 10 on EU ladder, which I haven’t done in a while, never mind on a terrible, terrible internet connection! I felt awesome!

Anyhow, while I’ve been here I went to the doctors/hospital to see what I had wrong with my chest (I’ve been coughing for 3 months straight). Initially I suggested whooping cough in which my doctor thought it could be more serious and sent me to the hospital for an X-ray the same day. Luckily nothing showed up and I’m on antibiotics again, but I’m pretty sure things will be fine. Thank you to those guys that jokingly said on stream I had whooping cough, I really wouldn’t have had a clue without you, nor would have my doctor.

I’m going to be staying at Ret’s house for a while and streaming a lot in the next week. I’ve missed it, and I look forward to getting back onto that train. Right now I’m preparing to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness as my dear pals Grubby from SC2 and Jimmy (DotaDeMoN) from DotA 2 nominated me.

So yeah, next few weeks expect to see a lot of me. I’ll be in Netherlands from the 26th onwards, and I’ll also be casting a little bit more in the future and have some things lined up which I hope you’ll look forward to! You guys are awesome, thanks for sticking with me through good times and bad, I’m glad I’m recovering a little and I hope to show you guys a Solid Devil Terran over the coming months.

Over and out.

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