Life Is More Than Just Your Favorite Game

By Andrew “Riser” Bronze of Complexity Gaming

Hello, coL.Riser from the Dota 2 squad back with a blog to discuss my future and the pitfalls of hardcore gaming. I’ll be turning 27 in March (ugh) and I’ve spent most of my adult life absolutely glued to a computer. It’s finally caught up to me in my health as recently I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain in my back as my horrendous posture has caused my back to basically explode. As a result I will be stepping down as one of the support players for coL Dota, and will be taking a very casual approach to Dota as I try to get my health together.

So, like the title says, you no-social-life-hardcore-gamers out there should try to spend some time outside the game to make sure you don’t screw yourself over. There’s a lot to do out there, and if it seems scary, there’s people out there who are genuinely interested in you and what you have to say, no matter what you think. Get out there and try to live your life because…….you only live once…….

My plan now is to hopefully finish school and try to somehow wiggle my way into the eSports scene, but who knows. I love following eSports and writing about it, so hopefully I can find a way to incorporate that into my life. Big shoutout to former stayGreen, now compLexity Dota, for allowing me to play with them for a bit, and Kyle “Beef” Bautista for being a great person, friend, and manager throughout the years. I sincerely believe with the amount of work these guys put in they can bring it all home. Thank you to any fans who have followed me during HoN and Dota 2, and I apologize as I ignored this for too long until it reached critical mass.

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