Team Coast’s New Midlaner Surfaces

Team Coast

Hello!  My name is Isaac “Pekin Woof” Marconis and I am the new mid lane for Team Coast. I have always loved video games, but making a career out of a hobby is not as easy as just being a talented player. Not only is it a HUGE time commitment, but staying focused for many hours is challenging as well as knowing the right people to play with. To go pro you have to get noticed, and to get noticed you have to play on “good” teams. To play on a “good” team you need talented players, and without proper support, the team will never get to the level of play to really show off or improve your personal skill. Different from athletic sports, your success in eSports is almost entirely team dependent, and without proper staff and funding, making the “dream team” is almost impossible.

Joining Team Coast was something I have yet to experience. I have never seen players and staff so dedicated to the team success. I was on countless teams where each one had a different problem that made our chance of winning games low. Nearly all of the teams I was on before Team Coast were not funded and lacked any direction or staff to improve the team. It was a bunch of guys just making a team together. On Team Coast there is the structure and the support staff to help me improve in the game and even help me with issues outside of the game. It amazes me how much having an outside opinion for game play, and someone to discuss how you’re feeling a certain day, can fix issues in the team and myself. I have improved more in the past few weeks than I have in the past year just from everyone’s dedication. What I found most surprising was my tryout; unlike many previous teams, it was not for one day. The owners and coaching staff gave me daily updates to my progress and made a decision after the week. This gave me more time to show my skill than other more impulsive teams I’ve tried out for. They understand that synergy is not immediate and some players, like myself, take more than a day to get comfortable.

During the start of Season 5 I was teamless and decided to work on my own individual play. After a couple months I saw myself improve further than last season, and could consistently keep my spot in high challenger. After many team offers, I finally found a home with Team Coast. I am extremely comfortable on this team and feel being with this group of players makes self-improvement and LCS 1000x easier than any previous teams I’ve played with. Thanks go to Saint, who is also a fantastic and dedicated coach with a game knowledge I have never worked with before. Special thanks to Nicole “CST Nicole” Manning for her help with the mental side of the sport.

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