5 More DC Titles Warner Bros. Should Make Games For

     The Batman Arkham series have come to a close with a dramatic ending hinting that the series is indeed over. However, the open-world, superhero genre for video games has been a true thriller in the eyes of DC comic book fans and gamers alike. With Warner Bros. Entertainment starting their DC lineup in the movie industry, I ask why not make more superhero games? It got me thinking of the superhero titles I want to see in an open-world RPG. A few rules, however:

  1. No more Batman since the Arkham series had a satisfying ending and well-because we will always demand more
  2. As much as I love Marvel comics, this is under the assumption that Warner Bros. Entertainment will be the game producer meaning this list is DC only
  3. Injustice will always have a special place in my heart, but I’m describing heros who I want to see in an open-world video game, similar to that of the Arkham series. PvP fighters are great, but that list shall be saved for another day.

Injustice Gods Among Us

With that said, I’ll be kicking things off with a brief list of honorable mentions:

  • Superman: This game is heavily wanted, but I really have no idea how it would work without bringing together The Justice League. Sure he’s got an awesome toolkit, but a game where you’re an invincible man and the only person that can stop you is Lex Luthor doesn’t make for a very exciting title.
  • Wonder Woman: Same problem with the above. Fantastic skillset when you have intergalactic villains, but there’s no solid individual story to be told from her. She also suffers from the same OP clause Superman has in his world.
  • Green Lantern: Now this I can see. A combination of buttons resulting a formation from your ring and as the game continues, you gain more knowledge on different weapons your ring can turn into. You even have Sinestro and other Lantern Corps as wonderful antagonists. The only reason this doesn’t make my list is because there are others I’d rather see first. Plus, Ryan Reynolds. Curse you Ryan Reynolds…
  • Shazam: Probably my favorite DC hero, I could see Warner Bros. making a game where you partially play as Billy Batson and partially play as the almighty Shazam. Once again, however, I don’t know how effective of a story Shazam has on his own without the DC team. A man can hope though!

With those out of the way, here goes my Top 5 DC Hero Titles I’d like to see make into a video game:

#5: The Flash

     Central City is the perfect place to set an open-world, superhero game and Barry Allen has the villains to wreak havoc. Captain Cold, Killer Frost and Captain Boomerang are only some of the nasty foes the Flash has to lock up on the day-to-day basis. The gameplay can be centered around time-trial missions, where a failure would be the result of not finishing a mission fast enough. This could take place in the form of a hostage situation, solving puzzles to decode a bomb or jetting across the city to stop vehicle from leaving. And could you imagine the final boss fight between The Flash and The Reverse Flash? Words cannot describe the level of epicness I’ve just described. I would also expect Mr. Wally West, the Flash’s sidekick, to make at least a cameo appearance and if the game becomes a series, maybe a DLC?

The Flash

#4: Teen Titans

     Yes, this is definitely more for nostalgia than anything else, but could you imagine the level of awesome? Not only are we getting an expansive cast of characters, which could include, but not limited to Nightwing, Red Robin (Tim Drake), Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Arsenal/Speedy, Kid Flash, Terra and Supergirl, but we also get incredible, surreal plotlines in the form of Raven’s father, Trigon, or a Deathstroke/Jerico storyline. I also think it would have an awesome post-game with several side-quests each hero can complete, either as a team or individually. The only reason this isn’t any higher on my list is the improbability that this would actually happen. Warner Bros., if you’re not going to give the Titans a movie, at least make a video game.

Teen Titans

#3: Suicide Squad

     I know we’ve already seen Harley Quinn and Deathstroke in action, but I so want to play as the bad guys. Perhaps the richest aspect about the DC Universe is the cast of creative, yet humanizing villains. As somebody who has respect for the antagonists that make our heros even more interesting, I need to voice my need for a Suicide Squad game. We can’t just have simple side missions like when we played Deathstroke in Arkham Origins either. I want a game that has a full team, like the Teen Titans, but still contains the extensive plot line the DC Universe has to offer. Also, with the impending movie already announced, it may not be bad for advertising. I’m not saying we need ALL the villains from the Suicide Squad to be playable, but at least Deadshot and Captain Boomerang….and everyone else.

Suicide Squad

#2: Aquaman

     Close your eyes for a second and imagine how beautiful a game set in Atlantis would be. We’ve seen the open-world above water, but envision the scenic beauty that would exist in Aquaman’s kingdom. Aquaman possesses a Trident which I can already see ripping up land dwellers who attempt to trespass into his kingdom. A war with humans may not even be a bad plot line for a video game. However, Warner Bros. has options as Orm and Black Manta are excellent villains with malicious enough intent to place in a video game. This hero is high up on my list for the sole reason that the fighting gameplay would look absolutely amazing when coupled with vibrant clarity of the ocean floor.


#1: Green Arrow

     Would it be just like another Batman game? Probably. Do I care? Not at all. The Green Arrow is just like Gotham’s Dark Knight, with one exception: He has a bow. Imagine all of the acrobatics and fighting styles that can be incorporated. Instead of throwing a batangarang, an arrow will be lashed out. You could have an arsenal of different arrows which can freeze, cause explosions or even poison your enemy into a toxic sleepiness. In addition, a war against Count Vertigo or the League of Assassins is something I would definitely not object to. I would also expect members of Team Arrow to be present such as Speedy, Arsenal and the The Black Canary. Although it might follow the same formula, an open-world RPG in Star City sounds more than fine to me. Actually it sounds phonomenal.

The Green Arrow

     What do you think of my DC Title List? Did I miss anybody or rate anyone too high? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments down below and share your Top 5 hero titles you would want to see in a video game. Who knows? Maybe Warner Bros. will give us a pleasant surprise.