Star Wars Battlefront Gets the Multiplayer Mode we Always Wanted

If you’ve wanted Star Wars Battlefront to adopt a Halo-esque battle style, you’ve finally got it.

First, the Halo franchise went ahead and announced an all new game mode coming to the multiplayer scene known as Warzone where gamers can participate in a 24 pvp team-deathmatch style match with all new maps. Now, revealing the alleged return of the Heroes Vs Villains, EA has announced Star Wars Battlefront will be receiving a multiplayer mode involving a 10 vs 10 deathmatch which will be known as Blast. The winning team is decided by which side has the most kills by the end of a ten-minute round or the first team to reach 100 kills. Whether or not custom actions for this game mode (change of time, change of score) will be an option remains to be seen.

DICE also emphasized that Blast maps won’t have the same battleground as the usual multiplayer mode. Instead, they’ll be in close-quarters maps set in key Star Wars Battlefront maps, scaled down and specially designed for the Blast mode. Maps already announced include the interior of Endor, the canyons of Tattooine and ice caves of Hoth.

Lastly, it was also revealed that Blast mode would feature strategic weapons which players can pick up and utilize to shift games to their advantage. Little information as to what weapons would be available have been released at this time. The only examples provided so far include a turret to blast your enemies away and a drone to scout out opposing forces.

Star Wars Battlefront is expected to hit the stores November 17 so for more information about the game until its release, keep up with

From IGN