Arab Fighter Revealed for Street Fighter V

Capcom gave gamers a treat at Dubai Games 2015 when they revealed an all new Arab Fighter for Street FIghter V.

Rashid is an interesting spectacle with his fighting style utilizing a series of fast flips and kicks to overwhelm his opponent while possessing the ability to counter attack for a severe punishment anytime he can predict his opponent’s move. Additionally, he wields the way of the wind, capable of forming tall tornadoes to either chain a combo or punish his opposing fighter who try to gap close or engage from a distance. Overall, his skillset involves plenty of short-range, fast combos which will make for a very interesting new fighter for the new game.

His design definitely screams Vegeta references with a green monocle on his eye but overall presents a lot of Arabian elements which is refreshing for a character outfit (especially after the Mika reveal).

Rashid is the second new character to the cast, the first being Necalli, and Capcom has revealed that the upcoming game will feature 2 more brand new characters. Street Fighter V is set to release on PC in 2016. For all Street Fighter news, keep up with