Comic Con COD Zombie Reveal

Excitement broke out this year at Comic Con when the Call of Duty Franchise finally released the long awaited information regarding the game’s Zombie Mode. Back in June 24, Treyarch teased on Twitter that the popular Zombies Mode will be returning and more information about the upcoming sequel will be displayed in Comic Con San Diego, July 9.

Represented through voice actors Heather Graham, Neal McDonough, Ron Perlman, Robert Picardo and Jeff Goldblum, the playable characters in the Zombie Mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, titled Shadows of Evil, the new characters will be fighting a hoard of zombies in their small town. Though not much information is known about the characters themselves or the setting of the catastrophe, the reveal trailer shows a variety of new weapons and upgrades the character can utilize that has not been featured in any other zombie’s mode before (basically talking about the Katana). The character’s background, though vague and mysterious, is intriguing, each having their own unique background of how they contribute to the corruption of the gangster-ridden town.

Treyarch’s official statement is as follows:

Treyarch Statement

More information was released later that night at SDCC that Activision was launching a new campaign through Omaze that would allow COD fans to play as the zombies. The campaign itself is aiming to raise money for non-profit organization, Call of Duty Endowment, where they aim to set up 25,000 veterans with solid and stable jobs by the end of 2018. Activision confirmed that it will match every donation up to 1 million dollars USD. So long as fans donate $10 to the campaign, they’ll be able to run around terrorizing the living as the immortal undead.

For more information about the campaign, visit the Omaze page made by ActivisionBlizzard with a list of prizes you’ll receive for donations. For all thing Call of Duty and for more information about the upcoming game, Black Ops 3, keep with

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