Heroes vs Villains Mode Returns for Star Wars Battlefront

It’s been 8 years, though it feels like it’s been 8000, since we’ve had a Star Wars Battlefront installment for console gamers. This classic action-adventure games reveled in many childhood memories for most gamers combining elements of iconic characters from the movies while providing a first-person perspective of the Galactic Civil War and the Clone Wars. As feelings of nostalgia course through our veins, the community, old fans and new fans alike, are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the long-awaited sequel.

With the bar set exceptionally high for EA, returning fans have several questions regarding playable modes outside the campaign. At E3 of this year, EA presented a multiplayer gameplay trailer demonstrating the graphical prowess the game possesses and although the game looks beautiful, the fans always want more.

Lucky for them, they got it. This past weekend, redditor, thementorassassin16, found some interesting information pleasing fans nationwide. Looking upon the official Spanish Star Wars Battlefront website under the features tab, our fellow redditor was able to translate a few official modes that will be included in the game. This includes the amazing, but previously imbalanced, Heroes vs Villains Mode. Although there was not a large cast previously, the fan’s thirst for more action may signal for EA to further develop this jaw-dropping, action-filled, multiplayer game mode.

But we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet. Although it was on the official Spanish website a couple days ago, the Spanish site actually removed the block of text, confirming our dreams, as of today. EA most likely won’t exclude this mode as it was a fan favorite, but until an official statement has been said on the matter, all fans can do is hope.

For more information, check out the official reddit post and keep up with cpgaming.gg for more Star Wars Battlefront news.