Imperial City DLC Details for Elders Scroll Online

The Elder Scrolls Online upcoming DLC pack Imperial City will be officially released on August 31st for PC, September 15th for the Xbox 1 and September 16th for the PS4.

The new DLC pack will include a multitude of features adding to the already plentiful game content. First off, there will be six new Impreial districts you can encounter when challenging various enemies such as Molag Bal and his army. Second, we’re given a list of new dungeons in the form of the Imperial Sweres, the White-Gold Tower and Imperial Prison. Third, TESO wouldn’t have a real expansion without a multitude of new armors, new skins and new quests. Lastly, we’re introduced to new new villains such as Xivkyn who you’ll be able to learn about more once the expansion is released.

These expansions will be only be available for next gen consoles as ZeinMax has recently decided to halt the production of anymore DLCs on the Xbox 360 and PS3. For players who have the full subscription, this DLC of course will be free but will cost 2,500 crowns for everybody else. To keep up with TESO and for more gaming news, keep up with and let us know what you’re hoping for in the next expansion.