Killer Instinct Going Into Retail

With the fighting-game franchise already stirring up discussion about its Season 2, Killer Instinct’s fan base is hungry for more playable characters and new content. Lucky for them, they are about get a tiny sip of exactly that.

By paying $19.99, you can receive a copy of Killer Instinct’s Combo Breaker Pack, with all the content from the downloadable version on XBox Live and throws in all the characters you would otherwise have to purchase for $5 each. The game is still only offered for XBox One but a bonus players can look forward to is a promo code for a playable character, TJ Combo, American Boxer who is set to come in Season 2 of Killer Instinct.

Killer Instinct Goes Into Retial Killer Instinct 2

We already know for sure that TJ Combo and Maya will be present for Season 2 with other Season 1 characters. If you want to keep up with Killer Instinct News, keep up with