League Introduces New Team Builder

With the server group chats getting more and more hostile by the day, and individuals auto-locking in Champion Select, Riot put forth the initiative to test out a new Team Builder Feature before going into queue.

“When we were designing the system, we decided on a goal of ‘six minutes or less.’ From when a player hits ‘Play’ and decides to start or join a team in Team Builder, we wanted them to be at the loading screen in six minutes or less,” Riot representative Jeffrey Lin said.

“We chose this goal because when we analyzed Normal Blind Pick and Ranked Queues, queue times were only a few minutes or less depending on the server, but it took at least another minute and a half to play through the Champion Select or Drafting phases. So in Normal Blind Pick or Ranked, it already took three to five minutes to get to the loading screen and we assumed a few extra minutes wouldn’t feel too slow. We were wrong.”

They were wrong indeed. But it’s definitely an excellent feature players believe is long overdo. As the level of intensity and competition rises as your rank increases, it’s important for players to play roles that will fit to the best of their ability. This is exactly what the players needed to make sure that their preferred roles, and the roles they excel at, are consistent in the games that they play.

Players will be given the option to select their role before going into queue matching them with other teammates who have selected other roles. The feature will be coming to the PBE server soon and I don’’ expect for it to be long until it comes into the actual game.

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