LoL Master Rank

The Master Rank is most likely to serve as a bridge between the top Diamond 1 players and the Top 200 Challenger players, making ranked games between the three much more competitive than before. Riot highlights that the reason for this change was because of the lack of transparency for players to reach the Challenger tier. With the addition of Master, players now have a clearer idea on how to reach the top.

Riot also highlights on another crucial change regarding ranked matches in that the Challenger Rank no longer reserves immunity to anybody. This means anybody at any time could drop from the bottom ladder of the ranked position down to the Master rank replacing them with the top contenders in the Master Rank. Riot states that this rotation now goes around a 24 hour schedule, meaning players will have to fight for their spot in the Challenger Tier every single day.

Lastly, Riot proceeds to talk about Team Rewards in that depending on your rank by the end of the season, you will be awarded with either Tier Icons, Loading Screen Borders and Victorious Champion Skins. Although not incredibly significant, it’s Riot throwing a bone to all the players who dedicate themselves to play the game, making their gameplay experience much more unique and distinguished in comparison to the rest of the community.

I am all for the idea of Challengers switching up everyday. Although it may require more time for individuals who want to consider themselves at the top (they may need to dedicate more time out of their daily schedule) I do believe the rotation is necessary for healthy competition.

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