Miss Fortune Champion Update

Patch 5.14 has been very kind to Bilgewater’s best bounty hunter, receiving to make her a force to be reckoned with among marksman in the bottom lane.

Miss Fortune’s tool kit offers a strong amount of versatility most champions don’t have access to in the bottom lane. While being able to slow her opponent by Making it Rain  and gap closing very nicely with her passive, Strut, she can deal a massive amount of damage at one time making her an incredibly strong all-in marksman nobody wants to deal with. Unfortunately, in the past, she’s faltered in making too much an impact due to her relatively short range and although she has access to some CC and can run into or away from battle relatively fast, she has no hard CC or any real form of escape outside of her Flash making her an easy target most of the time for assassins and bruisers. That said, Miss Fortune’s update doesn’t fix any of these problems, but instead enhances her toolkit to continue doing what she’s best at while enhancing her visuals for a more dangerous taste of beauty.

Three effective buffs were made to Miss Fortune in patch 5.14. First, her passive, Strut, now scales based on level meaning that the bounty hunter only gets faster as the game continues. Although this might not be majorly important, more speed increases her ability to join fights faster allowing her to meet up for team fights at an earlier time as a mobile threat.

Second comes with Miss Fortune’s Q, Double Up. Though most likely to be most effective during the laning phase, Double Up increases Miss Fortune’s ability to deal hard damage making trades more favorable in lane. Before, it was relatively easy to bully Miss Fortune around in lane as her skills outside of her Q required a fair amount of mana and the second shot from Double Up dealt the same amount of damage as the initial shot. But with the most recent change, last hitting a minion with  Double Up proves to be beneficial as the second shot deals additional damage if the first shot kills the target. Also, the second shot will immediately look for targets behind the first, but as usual will look for adjacent targets within 60 degrees if no target is found. This provides Miss Fortune with a stronger laning presence to set her up for the late game.

Miss Fortune (2)

And finally, Miss Fortune’s last change comes with her W, Impure Shots. Miss Fortune can automatically trigger her passive when activating her W which will work beautifully in conjunction with the attack speed buff the skill initially had. Once again, the chase potential is being maximized and her ability to burst down her targets after slowing them remains to be an effective tool to take out other players who are out of position leaving them with nothing but death.

Miss Fortune will hit the rift today and hopefully see an increase in play. Maybe now she’ll be able to finally take out the Pirate King, Gangplank, who received a few improvements himself, which you can check out here. For more League of Legends  news and updates, keep up with cpgaming.gg and let us know what you think of the bounty hunter’s latest update.

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