New Coast Jungler Shrimp Talks About His Journey To North America

Team CoastHi guys, my name is Byeonghoon Lee and my in game name is Shrimp. I am the new Jungler for Team Coast. I enjoy playing with my new teammates, and hope to show everyone some high quality games in the future. This is my first time in North America, and at first, I had to worry about a lot of things. My English wasn’t really good. While on my seventeen hour flight to America, this was my biggest worry. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to communicate well with the other players because of the language barrier, and would be the weak link on the team.

When I arrived, it was good that my teammates were nice enough to understand my situation, and they treated me well at the team house. Special thanks to KonKwon because he understands both Korean and English, so he translates for me in game as well as outside of the game haha. As for staying in LA, I love it here! It is already my second favorite country outside of Korea. The food is great, the house is great, and my teammates are great!! I would like to stay here in NA, so please cheer for me!

Now I would like to talk about me as a professional LoL player. As I said earlier, I’m a Jungler and the top champions I love to use are Reksai, Gragas, Eve, and Nunu. I believe that these champions fit the meta well today, and I have been practicing using them even before in Korea. I mainly use these champions here in NA solo queue, and I am trying to hit top challenger ^^. What I miss about Korea solo queue is that the queue times are shorter, and I can communicate better than I can here in NA server. I think that NA players are also good, but Korean players give more time for practice, I am a living testament to this because I used to play 12 hours a day of soloq and I am happy that I was able to reach 800+lp challenger in Korean solo queue. Hopefully, I can do this in NA as well, and show you some good games in Challenger Series – then hopefully in the LCS.

We are playing on some really nice CyberPowerPC Zeus computers that work very well for playing the game at the highest level. And I thank them for providing such a nice computer for me in America. Our first match in the Challenger Series is June 23. So I hope we will get our first win on the way to the LCS.


Shrimp LOVES CP!

Shrimp LOVES CP!

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