New Noob Bots in League

Riot attempts to make learning League of Legends easier by offering a new Player vs AI mode to teach the fundamentals of the game.

“Intro Bots is a new tier of Co-Op vs. AI, and features more than just new bot AI,” writes Riot’s Kacee “Iniquitee” Granke. “The mode includes a number of systems that aim to let new players learn in a more guided and forgiving setting, so they can grow wings before jumping out of the nest.”

This new feature is aimed at teaching new players miniature objectives in the game that would be useful in a real 5 v 5 match. This course is supposed to be simplified with the intention of having the player learn fundamentals in keyboard usage and abilities. With that said, the usage of trinkets and items have been eliminated in an attempt to simplify things for the player.

“As important as they are to long-term success in League of Legends, vision and map control shouldn’t be priority focuses for a novice.”

The new mode is set to release to the PBE server very soon for people to try out. It’s good that Riot recognizes that League, although growing in popularity, is still a very difficult game to learn. Hopefully as this mode is tested, they’ll be able to find new features and new tutorials that will teach players how to select items and level abilities. Whether or not this new arena is going to work has yet to be decided. However, they certainly took a step in the right direction.


From PC Gamer
Building Better Onboarding: Intro Bots – Riot Dev Blog