Paul Sage, The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director, Makes a Switch

Creative Director for The Elder Scrolls Online, Paul Sage, has reportedly left Zenimax to accept a job for Borderlands developer, Gearbox.

A veteran when it comes to online gaming, Sage boasts job titles such as Lead Designer and Creative Director for multiple online games such as Ultima Online and  Tabula Rasa. Adding, The Elder Scrolls Online, to his resume, Sage’s job history includes working with a few different developers such as Origin, Zenimax and now Gearbox.

Since The Elder Scrolls Online launch in April 4, 2014, Sage and Zenimax underwent numerous trials including game-breaking bugs and a series of black market problem revolving around TESO’s in-game economy. However, the game has come a long way since last year and even upon Sage’s departure, Zenimax is optimistic that the game will continue to gain progress and success among the community.

Gina Bruno, Zenimax representative, posted on the official TESO online forum the following message:

Gina Bruno

Bruno’s comments dispel any concern the TESO community may have about internal problems within the company despite the departure of lead game designer, Nicholas Konkle, who left Zenimax back in April for a job at Riot Games. Nonetheless, Sage’s introduction to Gearbox indicates an emphasis in online play for the anticipated game, Borderlands 3. We know Gearbox is actively trying to hire individuals for the project and though nothing is confirmed yet, the creative brain of Paul Sage is a fantastic addition to the Gearbox team surely making Borderlands and Battleborn fans alike happy to have on board.