Street Fighter V New Character and New DLC Plans

Street Fighter V previously flashed an unknown, mysterious character in their Ken trailer. For the fans, many were theorizing the return of Akuma and Honda and although our hopes for them remain very much alive, our beastly friend with yellow eyes, long dreadlocks and purple stripes will not be a returner, but instead an all new character.

Necalli will be the newest brawler added to the Street Fighter V cast. The long-haired behemoth exemplifies savagery as his moveset appears to be centered around grapples and grabs. A lot needs to be explained for this character as his lore remains unknown and his fighting style and roots remain to be left unanswered. There also needs to be an explanation as to why he can turn Super Saiyan because, let’s face it, it’s pretty awesome.

Necalli is not the only new thing Capcom is introducing, however. Capcom made a statement to IGN outlining their post-launch support plans for DLC character or balance changes they may want to instill. Previously, players would need to purchase an updated copy of the Street Fighter game to receive a new roster. However, the times are changing. Capcom has decided that all characters will be unlockable via in game money (Fight Money) and if a player doesn’t have the adequate amount of currency to buy a character, Zenny, an alternative currency purchasable by real money. Additively, any changes made regarding balance issues will be all made through patches and players will no longer be required to purchase a new copy of the game.

This game is shaping to be the best installment of the Street Fighter’s franchise and with a starting cast of 16 characters (12 returners and 4 all new, including Necalli). For all things Street Fighter V keep up with and let us knwo whaty ou think of Necalli in the comments down below.

From PC Gamer and IGN