Total War: Warhammer gets Demigryph

Moving toward the realm of fantastical creatures and fable races, Sega starts off production of the newest installment of the Total War series by introducing the almighty Demigryph.

Though not as powerful as the legendary Gryphon, Demigryphs, as explained by the trailer, are rare majestic creatures who are passionate about battle and only ridden by the king’s top soldiers. Wrapped around heavy metal armors and equipped with claws strong enough to tear through steel, these creatures appear to be the first addition to the new land Sega has ventured to.

A new gameplay trailer is set to be released by Sega this Friday, July 17th where we’ll finally receive some new information about the new project, perhaps even getting a glimpse of the actual legendary Gryphon itself. Sega has broken the barriers by introducing magic and creatures into the gameplay of the Total War series, and although new mechanics were introduced in the most recent installment, Total War: Antilla, it’s most likely going to introduce new gameplay that will revolutionize the Total War series.

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From IGN.