White Xbox One Coming With Sunset Overdrive

If you loved the color of the Xbox 360 and wish that Microsoft would just make a white Xbox One already, your prayers have been answered.

Microsoft has confirmed that a white Xbox One combo pack with the upcoming game Sunset Overdrive will be released later this year. Though no news on when this bundle will be released, it was initially set to be on the same day at Sunset Overdrive’s release date, October 28 of this year.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also confirmed that there will be an Xbox One Madden bundle set to release when the game comes out, which will include the standard black hardware, a digital copy of the game, and 3 Madden NFL Ultimate Team Packs.

Are you going to getting this new, exclusive white system? Or did you prefer your console in black? With Sony releasing a new “glacier white” PS4 console when Destiny launches, you’ll certainly have a tough choice to make. Let us know what you think in the comments below.