Imperator: Rome – Heirs of Alexander Content Pack

mperator: Rome – Heirs of Alexander Content Pack
Paradox Interactive

Any PC strategy gamer worth his digital salt knows of Paradox Interactive’s grand line of grand strategy titles—Stellaris; Hearts of Iron IV; Europa Universalis—to name their most prestigious. Then the studio decided to take a major step into the distant past by developing their classic era title: Imperator: Rome.

Unfortunately, when Imperator: Rome debuted in April of 2019, it was greeted with a less-than-stellar greeting by both gamers and gaming critics alike. A big part of the problem is that Imperator: Rome seemed to suffer from an identity crisis. While it did feature different elements from some of Paradox’s previous, well-established titles, it didn’t really have its own unique identity.

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Luckily, Paradox has stuck to the digital grindstone and has worked diligently on improving their diamond in the rough, by releasing several updates and content packs. And after their latest content pack (and accompanying free update called Marius), Imperator: Rome is finally shaping up to be nothing short of spectacular.

The Marius update comes with a complete reworking of the game’s military system. It adds a whole host of new changes to the way war is waged, as well as how you manage your military forces (both army and navy):

  • Levies: Draft levies right out of your provinces to fight your wars. Their size and composition is based on the cultures and population types within each province.

  • Legions: Want to advance your military technology to create standing, professional military forces to guard your empire? Research the right tech and do it! But beware of their higher cost and tendency to follow disloyal generals.

  • Military Histories: Legions and Mercenary units now have histories that will list their various accomplishments over time.

  • Engineers: A brand new unit—Engineers are special cohorts that help your military forces with sieges, river crossings, and the building of roads.

  • Changes to Inventions and Military Traditions: A totally overhauled invention system—now you can unlock new abilities alongside old inventions and shape your civilization like never before.

  • Diadochi War Goals: These are new large-scale conquests available to Hellenistic kingdoms—now you can better model the ambitions of Successor rulers.

  • UI Overhaul: Check out the new, completely reworked interface that makes options and decisions much more intuitive.

And even more—new unit models for levy and legion units, new port construction options, and even changes to forts and deities.

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And for those who want to enjoy further positive changes, the Heirs of Alexander content pack is also available and brings new events and missions that highlight the Wars of the Diadochi. These were a series of bitter struggles fought between former generals and followers of Alexander the Great, who has suddenly passed away:

  • Unique Mission Trees: There are brand new special mission objectives for the Antigonid Empire in Anatolia, Seleucid Empire in Asia, Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt, Macedonia, and Thrace.

  • Shared Mission Tree: Unique, Diadochi-themed mission objectives that are available to all of the Successor Kingdoms.

  • Wonder Designer: This new feature allows you to build your very own custom monuments, adding bonuses to a specific location or your entire empire.

  • New Events: Enjoy various historical events based on the history and legacy of Alexander’s followers.

  • New Deities: Your empire can follow new regional gods and goddesses from the various Hellenistic kingdoms.

  • New Treasures: Obtain distinctive artifacts from the Hellenistic kingdoms that confer different bonuses.

  • New Music: Listen to three new music tracks to inspire your Successor Kingdom.

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With the Heirs of Alexander content pack and accompanying Marius (2.0) free update, many gamers are lauding Imperator: Rome as the next big Paradox hit! Try it out for yourself, or revisit the game and you’ll see why folks are losing many hours (and sleep) to the phoenix-like resurgence of Imperator: Rome.

RATING: 8.8/10

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